Meet The Team

Rachelle, Registered Dental Hygienist

I graduated in 2020 from Hocking College and have been in the dental field since 2012. I was an assistant for 8 years, but always wanted to be a hygienist. I absolutely love what I do, and I’m so honored to help people with their oral care and educating them about their mouths. I enjoy playing with my dog, washing my car, and now doing improvements on my new home! I’m really excited to get into gardening and landscaping. I plan to grow many herbs and veggies.

Holly, Front Desk

Holly is originally from Newark, Ohio. She comes from the food service and retail industry. She has worked in fast-paced environments where customer service is her focus. This is her first job working in a dental practice, and she is enjoying the challenges and what she has learned. She strives to help our patients navigate and understand their dental insurance benefits and is enthusiastic about the future. In her spare time, Holly loves to travel and experience new local restaurants.

Fidel Quinones, COO

Fidel is a native of Brooklyn, NY. During his 25 years in International Business Development with Fortune 500 companies, Fidel established sales & distribution networks abroad. By understanding the nuances of doing business cross-culturally, Fidel brought different cultures together to achieve common objectives, an opportunity he found both thrilling and satisfying. He is excited to bring that same experience to his work alongside his wife, Dr. Rosado, as she continues to pursue her passion of transforming smiles. He enjoys exercising, traveling and playing with his schnoodle and mini-newfy-poo, Elsa and Anna.